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Montcalm Area ISD
621 New Street, PO Box 367
Stanton, MI 48888

Superintendent: Scott Koenigsknecht
E-mail: drk@maisd.com

Montcalm Area Career Center
1550 W. Sidney Road
Sidney, MI 48885

Principal: Celena Mills
E-mail: cmills@maisd.com

H.O. Steele Education Center
10260 S. Sheridan Road (M-66)
Fenwick, MI 48834

United Way: Roger Thelen
E-mail: director.uwm.i@gmail.com

Seiter Education Center
1401 E. VanDeinse Avenue
Greenville, MI 48838

Principal: Derek Cooley
E-mail: dcooley@maisd.com

Not sure who to contact? Call 616-225-4700 or E-mail: CONTACT@MAISD.COM